Distinguished Senators , 

About a decade ago, we made efforts to reach out to  Nigerians via the Peoples Senate. We gathered some of the finest young citizens Nigeria has ever seen since the precolonial days of The Nigerian Youth Movement led by a great Nationalist in Lagos known as  Herbert Macaulay,  and we made a modest mark. 

While we made very modest progress , we  didn’t reach the height of goals we had set for ourselves . Today, I thank Almighty God for not only bringing us to see this day but to witness the birthing of history . 

Without any doubt, distinguished colleagues, I make bold to say that we are making history by working together to create the PIPP. 
The PIPP is a POLITICAL ACTION PLATFORM for Nigerian Voters who are Non-Card Carrying members of any Political Party who wish to re-Invent the Nigerian Nation. 

This group of Nigerians Will now be known as INDEPENDENTS and shall be bonded on the following key drivers  ; 

1. A more united and indivisible NIGERIA 

2. Unmistakable Liberalization of The Nigerian Economy

3. Unmistakable Champion Of the Nigerian Private Sector 

4. Unmistakable Modernization Of Nigerian Infrastruture 

5. Unmistakable Champion Of An African Single Economic Bloc 

6. Unmistakable New Heights in International Trade for Nigeria 

7. A new Paradigm in the Protection Of the Dignity & Respect of THE Nigerian.

8. Community Based Security Of Life’s & Property 

9. Universal Social & Educational Rights 

The PIPP is designed to be the breeding  ground and filter for a new generation of leaders by orientation , antecedents , creativity and sustained action . 

The PIPP is designed to be patronized by political parties and other key political interest groups through a carefully crafted structure that sets new standards for political engagement, promises, performance and consequences.

Key Elements Of PIPP Plans are:

1. Communication of PIPP Local , State and National Activities 
2. Massive Membership Mobilization Drive (Online and Offline)
3. PIPP Grassroots Activities : The PIPP 774 Agenda 
4. PIPP Voter Registration and Voting Guidelines 
5. Appointments of ‘PIPP Governors’ for Every State 
6. Appointment of PIPP National Cabinet (Mirroring The Nigerian Federation) 
7. Selection / Appointment of PIPP Ward & Local Government Leaders 
8. Appointment of Presidential Liaison Officer 
9. Appointment of Liaison Officers to State Governors 
10. Liaison Officers to NIGERIA’s Political Parties 
11. The PIPP Yearly Electronic Mock Votes (Voters Card Holders Only) : States and Presidential 
12. PIPP states and National Conventions 
13. Orientation of Political Parties on PIPP Guidelines 

Distinguished Colleagues, though we will be sharing and imbibing the PIPP ideals from this day forth , I wish to state four things that the PIPP is not ; 
1. The PIPP is not a Political Party 
2. PIPP is by no means an Opposition platform to the Federal Government or Nigeria 
3. PIPP is by no means an affiliate or appendage of any Political Party 
4. PIPP is not a Platform for anyone who is a card carrying member of any Political Party in Nigeria


By Orientation, PIPP shall Support all policies of the Federal Government that fits into its plan and advocate new paradigms for what it doesn’t consider the best interest of Nigeria through its own PIPP National Plan and Agenda . 


By Orientation, PIPP shall be primary focused on policy positions, plans and dispositions that align with the PIPP National Plan & Agenda . 


By Orientation, the PIPP shall be a primary base for Corporate Nigeria and shall maintain significant ties to small , medium and large business in a big to aligning critical interest for the rebirth of the Nigerian economy for the good of all. 

The PIPP shall become primary platforms for ; 

1. Non-Partisan Professionals 

2. The Nigerian Private Sector Businesses 

3. The Nigerian Creative Industry 

4. Nigerian Youths 

5. Nigerian Women 

6. NIGERIANS Living In the diaspora 

7. Persons Living with Disabilities 

8. Nigerian Students (Nigerian Universities)

Distinguished Colleagues , I wish to call on your full support for the PIPP as we embark on the journey , we have a long list of responsibilities that we will need your leadership for . 

Distinguished Colleagues, Your Membership Of the PIPP shall be solemnized by your recitation of the PIPP creed on the floor of the house and your PIPP Official Numbers issued on a 1st Come , First Serve Basis . 

The PIPP Interim Leadership has a six months mandate to establish a firm foundation for the organisation.

 It is time to re-invent our country . May history be kind to us all . 


Long live the The PIPP Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria 
Respectfully Yours,
Lai Labode BLE. CRMA , Harvard 

President , PIPP 

©PIPP 2019. All Rights Reserved.